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Not "twilight", it's The Lost Boys! David and his gang DO NOT sparkle in the sunlight or prefer to be vampiric vegetarians. They survive off the blood of human beings. Dare to take a ride in the shadows with the boys...Who knows you might be initiated into the gang, and not even know it.
Name is Kim, 25 and yes it IS possible! Yea I LOVE The Lost Boys...ok maybe a little obsessed. BUT it's not the only thing I love(obsess over): Photography, 80s, 90s, Power Rangers Original, Alaska, Old School Nickelodeon, Halloween, Movies, Backstreet Boys, Music, Pizza...and many more...
Just a note: All post's won't be just about TLB!

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NATIONAL LOST BOYS WEEKEND - 4/19/12-4/22/2012


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Pimped out my phone case. #thelostboys #phonecase #crafty #DIY

Pimped out my phone case. #thelostboys #phonecase #crafty #DIY

Posted: Sun November 10th, 2013 at 11:31pm
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